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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Memorial Day Weekend 2004
We spent ALL DAY on Saturday playing Dungeon Siege. Seriously, we broke for lunch, returned to the game, and then looked at the clock and it was 5:00. On the plus side, my character is quite the combat mage!

We went to the Cub game yesterday. There was a bald eagle there, to celebrate Memorial Day. He flew off the bleachers, took a few turns around the infield, and landed on his handler's arm on the pitcher's mound. A pigeon was drifting around the outfield, and we were sincerely hoping for some predator-prey fireworks, but no such luck. There also apparently is a duck nesting in the batter's eye junipers. She spent much of the game hanging out in center, fielding the bits of food tossed by the bleacher folks. And, the Cubs won the game, and Mark Prior returns from the DL on Friday, so a good day overall, despite ongoing rain and a backyard that is too mucky to dig. My plants from the CBG sale are STILL on the patio.

We've been shopping for bedroom furniture. I'm sort of fixated on this, but I think it's justified. I've been realizing just how unhappy that bedroom makes me. It's not attractive or well laid out in any way. There's no storage and no mirror, the lighting is bad, the color is too cool for a sunny room. I let the floor fill with laundry and I don't bother washing the dog blankets or dusting. It's just not a very feng shui kind of place, and decent furniture is the first step to making it livable. We've dealt with it for nine years; it's time.


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