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Thursday, June 17, 2004
Dads, according to Hallmark
-play golf, and badly.
-have a lot of tools, and aren't good at using them.
-sleep in front of the TV.
-are compulsive about their lawns.
-have extensive collections of bad Father's Day ties.
-drink a lot of beer.
-have perfect daughters who frequently ask for shopping money.
-answer all questions with "Go ask your mother."

-play "pull my finger" at every opportunity.

I don't think the Father's Day card jokes have changed at all in my lifetime. The writers are hopelessly trapped in the 1950s, and it's so hard to find a funny card that's appropriate for a man who can't be summed up by the above stereotype (except the "perfect daughter" part is dead-on :)). The alternative is a serious card, something with a misty seaside scene and perhaps a lighthouse and some waterfowl, and an elegant poem to "Dad". But those always sound more like epitaphs. Besides, my daddy likes funny!

On the other hand, all those "from the dog" cards crack me up.


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