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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
What century is it again?
Book banning, or attempts thereat, continues. The details are irrelevant (the library wins and the book will stay on the shelf, and overprotective mommies will be forced to make their own individual decisions on what material they will expose their kids to) but here's a great quote from the head of children's services at the Evanston library:
A good library collection should have something to offend everyone.

Survived a very stormy weekend in Michigan. Narrowly avoided being barfed on by an unhappy, hungry, storm-freaked greyhound. Ate at Mongolian BBQ and smiled at the teens in their prom dresses and tuxes. Was referred to as "the lady in purple" by an employee at the restaurant. Almost had my bowl of food knocked out of my hands twice by a waist-level jet-powered air conditioner located in the doorway to our seating section. And, got to see the tiniest little baby deer I've ever seen, up close and personal. It was much smaller than my very deer-like dogs, and probably wasn't more than a couple of days old. It lay motionless and trembling on the lower branches of a rather prickly spruce tree, watching us with its dark blue eyes. The father-in-law got a couple of pictures before it finally got enough courage to totter into the interior of the tree on impossibly thin legs.

I'm annoyed by the CTA's smartcard thingie. I have yet to get it to register on the first try at the Irving Park station. I'm still trying to find the perfect swiping-while-walking rhythm, but in the meantime I have to hold up the line as I fumble ineffectually at the plastic touchpad and generally look like a suburbanite. The main reason I succumbed to the card was that the CTA has eliminated the fare bonus on the old cards, but I am so far unimpressed.


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