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Saturday, May 15, 2004
Sleep is overrated
So, I've been up since 2:15 this morning, after staying up late to listen to the Cubs beat San Diego in their first visit to Petco Park. (Petco!! I wonder how the food is there? :P) It seems that the guys across the street had a party and someone got into a scuffle over how someone else was treating a girl. One guy was taken away in an ambulance with a bandage wrapped around his head. Others yelled at, and were yelled at by, several bored cops. An ET came and took some pictures, and various neighbors walked by slowly, sometimes with dogs, and pretended like they always are out walking at 2:30 in the morning. The highlight of the night was our next door neighbor, a mom of three who did NOT appreciate the loud voices and profanity, and calmly walked over there in her bathrobe to tell them so. The residents were appropriately contrite. They're not bad guys - I think their mamas taught them well. They're just high-spirited. It is a bad sign though - they've only lived there 2 or 3 weeks and they've already hosted a crime scene.

Anyway, we couldn't sleep after that, so we read, watched Angel, watched the morning farm report ("send us your photos of old tractors!"), watched the sky go from orange to pale grey as the sun came up on an overcast city. Now Mark is off helping a friend destroy an innocent deck, and I'm hoping it gets warm enough to go outside and plant my new little green friends. The Chicago Botanic Garden plant sale is a dangerous place.


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