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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
New shooooooz!!
I am now the proud mommy of a pair of very cute red Converse hi-tops. Oh! Oh! I should post a picture.

Work is dreadful this week. I'm slogging through legislation and school budgets, trying to answer the unanswerable, and wondering how the hell anything in this state ever actually gets accomplished. I wouldn't be a legislator if you paid me. However, my eyes are on the prize: Friday trip to Urbana for the spring CMC meeting (including my customary stop at Dairy Queen to offset the dreariness of the 3-hour drive home, and my customary ice-cream-in-the-lap incident), Friday night plant sale at the Garden, and Saturday relaxing at home while hubby is out cutting up a friend's deck (and hopefully no nearby body parts) with a circular saw. Oh, and the neighborhood garage sale, where I may find a bargain or twelve. Just what our house needs: more STUFF. What I really need is a bag of holding, but I guess that's what basements are for.


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