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Monday, May 17, 2004
The less mowing, the better
The solution to all my problems was so obvious, and I made it a reality yesterday in a flurry of digging, yanking, and biomass relocation. We now are the proud owners of a new shade garden, in the shady zone between houses, and into it I put every unfortunately-located shade plant we have. Now, the ferns, hostas, and bleeding heart blissfully coexist in a wet, shady spot that Mark didn't enjoy mowing anyway. All I need is a nice anchoring rhododendron for the corner, and I can declare it a rousing success!

Next up: Tear out the dwarf junipers, plant the new heucheras, and move the crowded viburnum, weather permitting.

Cubs are tied for 1st place after sweeping the Padres. Seems like half the starters are injured, but the depth of the bench has been astounding. I've been muchly wanting a Zambrano jersey, but I probably can't justify spending the $$ :(


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