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Friday, May 28, 2004
Today is one of those gorgeous clear-skied sunny cool days that make me feel happy to be alive. The sky is intensely blue, so blue that if I saw a photograph of it, I'd scoff and say it was doctored.

On the El: A man who kept sneezing and then groaning "Oh, god" after each one.
On Federal Plaza: A group of Chinese people protesting an atrocity in China. They wore bright yellow fleeces and stood motionless, their arms arced above their heads like a frozen moment of t'ai-chi, while the orange Calder sculpture loomed vividly overhead. Dammit, WHY don't I carry my camera around with me??

For lunch: Schlotzsky's. Oh how I love Schlotzsky's. I even walked the 1 1/4 miles from there to work, to make up for the decadence.


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