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Friday, April 09, 2004
What's so good about it?
It's Good Friday, which means I'm at work but got my own seat on the train. I have exactly two things to do today. One, email a professor and ask a question re: affordable housing. Two, go to the library to hunt down some data, and if I find it, photocopy it. (And three, also at the library, get some articles for my project, but I'm going to wait until Monday b/c I may be getting some of them elsewhere.) Oh, and I should finish up my stuff for my annual review on Monday, when I will also announce my impending departure from the working life.

Boss: So let's talk about your goals and tasks for next year.
Me: Actually, it's funny you should mention that...

I guess the joke's on me if he secretly reads this page. Hi, Boss! [waves]


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