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Monday, April 19, 2004
Week 14
My last semester as an undergrad is winding down. My fascinating Powerpoint on Ammophila breviligulata for bio is ready, and I'm trying not to panic about the presentation. Will never ever in my life get over this stage fright! Argh. We went over the biochem exam that I didn't turn in, and boy am I glad I didn't! I did a lot worse than I thought. Of course, I probably would have been more careful if it had been for real, but still.

We went to the game on Saturday (free tix courtesy of a vendor at Mark's work). Guy in front of us had some sort of glove fetish; he gestured and posed dramatically with his glove before every Cubs batter. Since we were sitting in foul territory, his ideal scenario apparently was catching a Cubbie home run off the foul pole. The high point of the game was a game-saving snowcone catch by Alou, but then Dusty left Kerry in too long and the umpire made two questionable calls and suddenly the Reds had pulled ahead in the 9th. Kerry bitched at the ump and the *ump* headed towards the mound (big no-no!), until Barrett intervened. Then, when Kerry was finally taken out, he charged the ump and had a screaming fit and got thrown out. Kerry went into the dugout, and then we saw a batting helmet come flying out. Temper, temper. The bleacher section expressed their disapproval of the ump by littering the field with cups. Anyway, we lost 3-2 when we should have won 2-1, but it was still a fun day. My left arm is still sunburned, and I never did get the ice cream I was craving, since it turned rather chilly in the late innings.

Bought some chewable Cosequin (glucosamine) for Jazzy. We're going to treat him for a while and see if it helps him get around more easily. According to the vet, only Cosequin and the human equivalent (Cosamine?) are proven to be bioavailable. I'm just recording this fact here because I'll certainly forget it in a few months!


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