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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
I ditched lab only a little bit early today. I think I'm allowed to be a slacker one day each semester! Got to the game during the first inning. 'Twas sunny and warm, and my seat was great - one seat in from the right field wall, practically on the foul line. Saw two Ramirez homers and one by Alou, and watched the folks around me get increasingly drunk and slurry. Two shrill mommies were nearby and kept screaming at Sammy "Hey, Sammy, there's a kid over here! How 'bout a ball?" The new scoreboards are nice, and don't detract from the ambience. I find, though, that I miss the random obscure stats from the old board -- "Alex Gonzalez - 2 doubles on June 18, 1997" -- stuff like that. The "get the crowd excited by racing electronic objects across the board" races are much flashier now. I picked the glove to beat the bat and ball, and won!

Thing I learned today: Nike makes very sporty yarmulkes.

Another thing I learned today: It's better to catch the bus on Sheffield than on Clark.

Anyway, the outcome was: Cubs 8, Pirates 3. I'm happy.


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