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Thursday, April 22, 2004
The problem with America these days
Nobody takes pride in their work! Specifically, the sullen red-headed tattooed chick at Subway made me a really bad sandwich. I ended up picking off the peppers (mmm, banana pepper rings) and tossing most of the sandwich. This is the danger of buying food at Subway before the lunch rush: a high likelihood of getting yesterday's bread, which apparently is stored unwrapped in front of a heat register all night. And she did that wonderful thing where all the toppings sort of perch up on top of the bread so that when I unwrap it on my desk, I find dry bread and meat enveloped in lettuce and sweet onion sauce. My apologies to any coworkers who end up sticking to the office doorknob today... blame it on Sullen Tattooed Chick.

Now, in *my* day, I made sure all the toppings were *in* the sandwich when it was wrapped, and all the vegetables were evenly spaced and reached to the ends of the bread. My subs were works of art, almost too pretty to eat. Damned kids these days - no pride in their crappy minimum-wage jobs. (They should just be thankful they don't have to wear cheesy construction hats to work. Seriously, they made me do this, when Subway was promoting the cold cut combo as the "Working Class Hero". Apparently, the Village People are big on cold cuts.)

Cubs are tied for 1st place! However, the entire division is tight, separated by only 1 1/2 games. I'm still a little puzzled as to why our division has 6 teams, and the AL West has 4. Doesn't that seem wrong somehow?

Having serious chocolate cravings. I was tempted to go out and buy a cake mix last night, but inertia and the Cub game kept me on the couch. Probably just as well.

Did my presentation yesterday. It actually went pretty well, and mine was by far not the worst one in the class! However, even though I wasn't very nervous, I did my usual thing where I forget to inhale while I'm talking. So, by Slide 15 or so, my voice was cracking and failing and I was starting to see black spots. Well, okay, not the spots part, but the voice failing, yes, totally. If I ever have to teach a class, I am in some serious trouble.


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