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Thursday, April 29, 2004
On the El
Yesterday: UIC student reading The Sun Also Rises and taking notes on it, into her cell phone. Either an elaborate cheating mechanism, or the world's most inefficient notebook.

Today: Guy studying the Chicago Trolley Company's tourguide manual. On the page I saw were blurbs about Buildings Visible from Lake Shore Drive, the Century of Progress Fair of 1933, and Lake Point Tower. I think I would enjoy being a tour guide in the city (except for the whole public speaking thing). I'm adept at throwing little bits of trivia about the city at whoever I'm with, and then when they ask questions that I can't answer, neatly changing the subject.

Last class is today! And also, first class of Spring Ecology at the Botanic Garden. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever finish this certificate program. It doesn't help that they're restructuring the whole program, so I don't even know what certificate I'm working towards anymore.


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