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Friday, April 23, 2004
My dogs
are on crack. I don't know where they get it, and why they're not sharing. Every single time I make a sudden movement, the slightest hint that I might be thinking about standing up, or even inhale or blink too hard, the dogs leap to their feet and start dancing around like demented deer, and the house is in an uproar for the next ten minutes. Must....move...slowly...

Jazzy has discovered that it's great fun to sneak up behind me when I'm at the computer and very lightly touch the region of my left kidney with his nose. He's getting all mushy and demonstrative in his old age.

So! I've joined the ranks of! Now everybody can come here and discover for themselves that I don't, in fact, have a whole lot to say. As a quick intro, I live in the Irving Park (or West Walker, for the purists) neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago. I have a husband, a cute little house, and two crackhounds, er, greyhounds. We're a short walk from the Blue Line, which I ride to UIC for work and school every day.

And just so you-all get some value for your clicking dollar, here is my current ongoing project: The McC Garden Census. Be amazed at how many plants can be crammed into a city lot-and-a-half, and boggle at the compulsiveness that makes me list scientific names *and* family names for every single one. Hey, I didn't take two years of high school Latin for nothing.


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