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Friday, April 02, 2004
Well, I browsed templates from every two-bit template maker on the planet, and after becoming generally disillusioned by the whole free-sharing-of-information thing (Oh boy! Unlimited access to the work of 10-year-old designers!), I found absolutely nothing I'd be willing to put on my website. I mean, I realize my own website design is pretty dull, but at least it's not shocking pink on black, with big circles. So, I resorted to using a different Blogger template.

Meanwhile, two quick updates on the Mouse Story: We caught another (I've lost count now), under the porch, shortly after the weather warmed up. This morning, I also noticed that the peanut butter had been licked off one of the traps. Is the trap rusted open, or does Mousie just have a very light touch? Oh well, as long as they're not in the house, or leaping out at me from behind things, I don't really mind.


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