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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Um, March? Where did you go?
Tomorrow is MARCH 31. How did this happen?? I have finals in five weeks! I was in my first class after spring break yesterday morning, idly filling in some of the answers on the biochem practice test, and realized I didn't have a *clue* how to do them. It was like I'd never seen these things before (and some were questions from an exam I already aced!). Tryptophan? dipeptides? chi and psi angles? Didn't I know these things just two weeks ago? Ditto for my systematics class, where I wouldn't know an Amaryllidaceae if it bit me on the butt. So last night, I buckled down and started studying, with the soothing sounds of Prince of Persia in the background. Tonight I'm supposed to go to this CUPPA thing, but I don't really want to and I need to study for a quiz anyway.

I forgot - the amazing wonderful plant I've coveted since the Garden Show is now hanging from a chair in my breakfast nook! I'm not sure our house is warm enough for it. I am going to get an individual plant stand for it so it's easy to move, and then maybe wander the house with a thermometer and find the warmest spot. I am putting my money on the corner of the dining room by the chimney. Will take a picture of the plant and post as soon as I remember to do it. Oh, and the orchids from the Garden Show are still alive, mirabile dictu.

Daffodils are opening as of yesterday in the back yard. The crocuses in the back have been open about a week in an eye-searing burst of yellow and purple, and the purple crocuses up front finally made an appearance. We're hiring some guys to replace the front gutter, and then I can ponder relandscaping. Still not sure if I'll do it myself or hire someone. I love the thought of a professional design, but pride makes me want to attempt it myself. I spent some time last week yanking out armloads of vinca from the garage garden. Need to spread some mulch and peat back there because now the soil is exposed and quick to dry out, and just looks very unhealthy, grey and rocky, not like the dense clayey loam elsewhere. My silly little yard is a strange microcosm of habitats and soil types.

No new birds in the yard lately, although I think I saw a chipping sparrow over the weekend. The starlings are digging in the garden and flipping mulch all over the sidewalk. I know that they're considered a nuisance bird but I think starlings are a lot of fun to watch, and they eat bugs from the lawn. Still have not seen any chickadees since the West Nile wipeout.


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