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Monday, February 02, 2004
You are a loser.
Candy wrappers and bottle tops make me so sad when I open them and read "You are not a winner." I usually am not even aware there's a game going on, and it's rather disheartening to prepare for a tasty treat and instead discover that PepsiCo Thinks I Suck. Today I sent in my Dentyne Secret Code in the hopes of winning a Fabulous Prize, and instead got back an email that says SORRY. YOU ARE NOT A WINNER. And I actually had to go to some effort to find that out!

Finished G&G last night. The book takes us to the verge of Gettysburg and then leaves us alone at the edge of a windswept cemetery, feeling bewildered. The book is a prequel to The Killer Angels, which is about Gettysburg, and which was written by this author's father. I suppose now this author's *son* will have to write a book about the Spanish-American War.

Am now reading Red Dwarf, a very Hitchhikeresque romp through the solar system. Speaking of Hitchhiker, there's a movie version being made. Yum.


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