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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Personal assistant, redux.
Had to go *back* to Northeastern this afternoon to retrieve the aforementioned letter. There were no fewer than three people in the bio office at the time. Hey, here's a thought: How about staggering your shifts?! This is why I am studying the sciences, because I clearly would be a failure at office management.

Anyway, on the way to campus the truck was acting really bizarre and seemed to be stuck in 4x4 mode (which I used to get out of the garage because the snow is deep and rutted in the alley). After a couple of panicky miles of slow, careful driving and staring at the mirror for glimpses of smoke or transmission parts, something under the truck suddenly made a loud scraping sound and then the 4x4 light finally shut off and I was back in good old normal D! I stared under the truck after I parked it, looking for anything obvious like the engine lying on the ground, and then called Mark to get his opinion.

I really hate cars sometimes.


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