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Thursday, February 19, 2004
I'm Gumby, dammit!
Why do baseball websites have action photographs of pitchers in mid-pitch? Arms are just not meant to bend that way. Instead of looking like smooth, talented physical specimens, they just look creepy and deformed. On the plus side, photos of Wood, Prior, and Maddux in Cubbie blue are circulating. Maddux is short!!

Finished Bellwether. Was vaguely disappointed by the ending; it seemed to be working up to something a whole lot cooler. Maybe on second reading it will be better, when I can pick out the subtle triggers, like an Easter egg hunt. Returned to the map book (it's important to carry two books at all times, in case one runs out!), which took a turn for the depressingingly introspective right near the end. I felt a great sympathy for the map thief; yeah, he did some awful things, but he did his time, and now he has this author stalking him and publishing details about his life. I would have felt much better about the book if, at the first mention of the thief's name, the words "(not his real name)" had followed.


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