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Friday, February 13, 2004
I am tired of hearing mentions of the 3-day weekend. *Some* of us don't have Monday off. In fact, *some* of us have a biochem quiz on Monday. Hmph.

It's been such a boring week. I'm going absolutely loonybats with cabin fever, and I'm sick to death of movies and TV and books and school and work and people and sleep and being awake. Even Phoebe's wedding on Friends last night failed to amuse, with the actors all seeming like they were barely concealing their hostility and just want to get this endless series over with. Right now I'm at work, learning Arcview because I have nothing else to do, and even though I'm full from lunch, all I can think about is Ding-dongs and Mountain Dew and anything that will distract me for a while. I should just go home, but at least when I'm at work I can maintain the illusion that I'm "out" and "doing something". I wish the stupid weather would warm up!!

I don't usually hate winter. There's just something about this winter that is killing me, and I hate it because it justifies all those folks who live in hot, soulless places like Phoenix or LA or Florida and laugh at anyone who chooses to live in a cold place. I *like* Chicago. I *like* winter. I like the change of the seasons, and the sun glinting off snow, and the several-month reprieve from having to do any yardwork or even pretending to exercise. Just not this year.

Maybe I'll just go to the bank. That'll be fun.


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