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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Pet peeve
It drives me crazy when I'm halfway through a book and still don't know what the title refers to. Case in point, The Crimson Petal and the White. I can kind of guess, but geez, it would be nice if the metaphor would appear in the text somewhere. The point of a book's title is not to add another layer of meaning to the book.

Freakin' cold out today - at noon, it's 3 degrees, -10 windchill, and probably much colder tomorrow. It was so cold this morning that the insides of my nostrils stuck together whenever I inhaled, and I had to be careful not to let the fog from my breath freeze on my glasses. I very much don't want to walk to class in a little while.

I had a Most Embarrassing Moment this morning. There was a Streetwise guy, a tallish black guy in a tan parka, outside White Hen, and he suggested that maybe I could buy a paper on the way out. So, I bought my package of cinnamon rolls (which my strange healthy cow-orkers are not helping me eat), and kept a dollar out for him. I walked outside with dollar outstretched... and it was the WRONG GUY. It was some other tallish black guy in a tan parka, just hanging out waiting for someone. Much awkwardness ensued as I apologized, wondered aloud where the Streetwise guy went, and then slunk away with my tail between my legs.

Have been listening to Howard Dean yell remixes. A year from now nobody will remember that it even happened, but for now it's good entertainment. I liked the Dean/Simpsons remix. See the message board at Incidentally, an on-line quiz picked Kucinich for me, followed by Kerry and then Dean. This is the extent of the research I've done on candidates so far.


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