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Saturday, January 31, 2004
A mouse, to a mouse, of a mouse, a mouse, O Mouse!
On Thursday I picked up the untouched mousetrap, figuring Mr. Mousie is long gone by now.

Today we saw him again.


On the plus side, I now own the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection! :D

Random things to fret about re: grad school applications. Had a *great* talk with a professor about her work and her lab, and have to run a bunch of frantic errands on Monday to make sure that it's my own failure to do something that jeopardizes my admission. It's funny, I am perfectly happy if my application is denied because I don't have the skills or am not ready yet. I will *not* be happy if they can't even look at my application because I didn't get a transcript in on time. On Monday I will have to turn on the charm and try to wheedle a quick turnaround out of the lovely ladies who work at Northeastern's records office. I love you, lovely ladies!! Mwah!!

Gods and Generals keeps getting better. I really like Chamberlain's story, but he wasn't even introduced until halfway through. Did a very cursory search for Civil War battle info, and the occurrences in the book appear to be more or less accurate. I tire of the generals, especially the Confederate ones, nattering on about God and how He has put his stamp of approval on their cause. Stonewall Jackson in particular is not playing with a full deck. He refuses to think of his true feelings for his wife and daughter because he thinks that if God knows he's happy, God will take those happy things away. Nice.

Anyway, I have a new game to install. :)


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