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Saturday, January 24, 2004
I have a fan!! I got a lovely email from the owner of today. He mentioned that he enjoys our greyhound webcam, and I'm so happy that someone else likes to visit my pretty babies, too. Yet another reason why dogs are better than kids... posting a webcam where random folks can watch your kids sleep is generally not considered acceptable :)

Today we're going to a 50th birthday party for a friend I used to work with back at CPD. Sometimes I miss working there, not because the work was great, but because it was a very social place. I'm not very outgoing, but even we shy, retiring types need *some* interaction with other actual human beings. Plus, in an office full of cops, there are always donuts around!

DH and I walked to McNamara's last night in the sparkly snow for a lovely dinner. This winter is really starting to drag, especially with the insane cold we've had lately, but nights like that remind me why I like winter and why I like my neighborhood. Passersby may wonder about the big smiley face drawn in the snow under the Kennedy.

I need the cold weather to break because there's a ZZ plant at Target with my name on it. I may try Home Depot first, though, in case they have a larger version. And spring (and spring training!) is getting ever closer!


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