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Friday, January 09, 2004
Alas, the scorned Mr. Goodbar, the ugly step-child of the bags of Hershey's miniatures, passed over, shuffled aside until he is all that remains, and only the most desperate chocolate cravings can render him palatable. Until noble Diane, feeling sorry for Mr. Goodbar (and annoyed by the growing color imbalance in the candy bowl), eats one. And maybe another.

And, dammit, now I like them better than the regular Hershey bars *and* the Krackle bars.

Special Dark, though... those are sacred.

Am reading Bang the Drum Slowly on the train. It's very good, with these poignant touches of funny and sad that hit without warning. I couldn't stop giggling at the Tegwar scenes. I love baseball stories, especially older pre-free agency stories, when the pay was crap but they played anyway because that was what they'd always dreamed of doing.


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