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Monday, December 22, 2003
Looks like I will be taking biochem next semester. *shakes with fear* I made an executive decision to drop physics (again!) and just take two classes next semester. Two little bitty 4-credit 400-level classes. Bah. That should give me time to catch up in some NCP stuff at the Garden, too. I like the prospect of having no night classes for a while. My grad school app is done and I'm taking it to their office tomorrow. Now that I'm pretty sure I won't get in, I find applying to be much less stressful :P

Finally defeated the stupid Jabberwock in Alice, although it took a cheat code to do it. I just arrived at the Red Queen's but didn't have the energy to finish it, so I'll leave her for another day. Had to test out my New Computer, though (thanks, honey!) -- games look very nice on the LCD, and boy what a difference the faster processor makes!


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