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Saturday, November 15, 2003
My TV-watching is really declining. I can't afford to invest any time in watching new series, and my old favorites are gradually cancelled or finally jump one too many sharks. At this point, my only "must-see-TV" is 7th Heaven, Everwood, Angel, and Fillmore!. Fillmore!, incidentally, is the BEST show on TV right now. It should be on Thursday nights. Although, it does give me extra incentive not to lie in bed all morning on Saturday. I still watch Friends but Monica and Phoebe make my teeth clench, and Chandler has been no fun ever since Monica castrated him. Why can't it just be the Joey & Rachel show, with some Ross-style doofiness thrown in for good measure?

7th Heaven is still good but is wearing thin. Why doesn't Cecilia go away now that she and Simon aren't together anymore? Why does Annie need so much help when she only has three little kids to take care of, and her married daughter and son-in-law live right there on the property? Why are the twins such creepy little robots? Why doesn't Happy get more camera time? Why do all of the drinks in the family fridge come in overpriced individual-serving bottles, when they're supposedly just scraping by on a minister's salary? I'd like to see Eric blow up one day and resolve all of these issues in one cathartic, profanity-packed episode.

Meanwhile... two papers and a lab to write. Three weeks to go in the semester, plus finals, plus I still have to finish my grad school app. Actually, I have to *start* my grad school app. And the more I read about the requirements for each school, the more I'm convinced they're not going to admit me. I keep thinking I should just chuck the whole school idea and go get a full-time job again. It's been fun but $$$$ weights heavily on my mind.


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