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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Just a quick note to say I went to a book signing tonight at B&N and got to meet Sara Paretsky! She's very cool, all slim and elegant and brilliant. She couldn't resist some baseball-related comments (she and V.I. are of course big Cubs fans) and explained her difficulty in dealing with the inevitable consequences of allowing characters to age. Luckily, time progresses more slowly for Mr. Contreras than for the younger folks. Some sort of fictional age asymptote, I guess.

We're in Week 10 of the semester, and things are starting to get more stressful. I may have to just tell myself that volunteering has to be set aside for the remainder of the semester. I mean to be a good volunteer, really, but between illnesses and emergencies and school, I need that Wednesday morning each week. I can return in December, and hopefully they won't think I'm incredibly lame in the meantime. Fretting about not being able to go each week is really not very healthy. Better to just accept that it's out of the question for a while.

Oh - the Marlins won the WS in 6 games. I am actually really happy for them. They're scrappy, and I like scrappy teams. Plus, the Yankees lost, and that's always cause for celebration!


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