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Monday, October 13, 2003
Haven't figured out yet how to get the archives to actually work. Having a hard time caring just yet. Since I'm the only person who reads this log, I doubt if I'll get much angry email :)

So, Homecoming at Alma was fun but much more low-key than last year. Shannon didn't show up, which was too bad. Caught a glimpse of my old roommate. If she recognized me, she didn't say anything, which is just as well b/c towards the end of that year, we were *not* getting along. We took over the TV in the Sinfonia room and watched Game 4, much to the annoyance of a few people who wanted to hang out (hey, if they had a better idea, they were free to suggest something!). Ramirez hit a first-inning grand slam, which I missed b/c I was out with Heather. Was feeling a little shell-shocked later in the evening, when it hit me - we're going to the World Series!!!

Poor Alma (the town, not the school) seems to have regressed. There was a time when we were a little worried about it growing, getting more crowded and less homey, but that doesn't seem to be a concern anymore. Vacant commercial buildings, an oil refinery that they were actually taking apart when we drove by, and no food (other than fast food) after 11 pm on a Saturday night. Even Petticoat was closed! What is this world coming to?! But Pizza Sam's is still the same old Pizza Sam's. Their pizza is actually really good. Shaved ham and crispy pepperoni... yum! It was at Alma that I learned that many foods benefit from being dipped in ranch dressing, including pizza and grilled cheeses.

The colors were gorgeous in Michigan, and the weather was perfect yet again. I am afraid we're due for another Homecoming snowstorm like the one we had my senior year.

Tuesday, Game 6, Cubs up 3-2, and Prior is pitching. Must try to finish my paper tonight so I don't have any distractions. :)


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