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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
A friend sent me this:

Free Press cartoon

Last night's game was a real aerobic workout for fans! I was completely exhausted by the end. We lost in 11, 9-8, but it was a fun game, a real yo-yo all the way. Can we rely on Prior and Wood to pull off the four wins we need? Boy, I sure hope so! But at least we know that our offense hasn't curled up and died. The Atlanta series made me wonder about that sometimes.

I'm finally getting over this cold or whatever it is that has plagued me for over a week. Then again, maybe I shouldn't jinx it. Am missing my volunteer work for the third week in a row, just in case. We're going to Homecoming this weekend and I don't want to ruin that by being sick. So, I'll spend the morning doing some much-needed laundry and some much-needed homework, and pondering whether I feel up to giving the dogs a quick bath before they go to the sitter's. It's supposed to be warm out, and they're kinda stinky :P

Buying tickets to see The Producers in New York! Woo!


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