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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Forgot to look this up earlier, but here's the text of the Goat Curse Reversal. Because I'm sure I'll forget this story in a few months, here it is: Three Cubs fans went to Houston in September, bought a goat (very cute, btw), bought it a ticket, and tried to get it into the park. Houston said no way can you bring a goat in here! Which set the scene for a bizarre voodoo dance, and this:

Two years shy of 60 cursed,
For all this time, the Cubs were worst.

Armed with goat and mystic verse,
We hereby Reverse The Curse!

You had your chance to let him in,
But now no more will the Astros win.

We'll take our goat and leave this place,
Along with your hopes in this pennant race!

Houston lost that game (to SF, if I remember right), and went on to take 2nd in the division.

No word on where the goat is now. I hope they're treating it well. :)

Last night's game rocked - totally one-sided! Sammy smacked a home run that I believe is still in orbit somewhere. We're tied 1-1, headed to Florida. Kerry's pitching Friday. We'll be trapped in The Bubble all weekend and may not know what happens until Sunday evening. On the plus side, there may be an orchard trip in our future. Donuts!!!!!


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