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Sunday, October 05, 2003
Cubs lost yesterday, Fick (the stunt-double for the banjo kid in Deliverance) tried to break Karros' arm, and the fifth and deciding game is in less than two hours. Am I tense? Oh yeah. But even if they lose, I think I and all Cub fans should rest assured that we are a different team now, and that "wait till next year" actually *means* something this time. With this pitching, this management, and this front office, I truly believe that the Cubs have become a real team with a real chance of winning each year, just like everyone else. The changes made in the off-season last year were the catalyst that lowered the activation energy (sorry, was studying for a cell bio test last week).

My beautiful cousin Jessica got married yesterday. Congratulations to her and to Paul!

White Stripes have chosen to do a show at the Aragon on New Years Eve. I MUST have tickets!!!!! We'll have to figure out where we're going to be for the holidays. I'm guessing we'll be in Michigan for Christmas, and since Christmas is a Thursday, we'll be gone all weekend and a Wednesday night NYE show is no problem. Speaking of Christmas...time to make the Christmas lists again. The older I get, the less I care about giving and getting gifts for Christmas. Sometimes I think I'd rather just bake some cookies and go to Grandma's (or in-laws') and rent movies and hang out, no obligations or stress.

Hubby and I have both been sick for about a week. I think I'm getting better, then I get worse. Today I feel like I've been in a car accident, just achy all over. Maybe it's West Nile!

"What emptiness the musical ignorant, and what godliness of the minstrel lass." --Jack White III


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