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Friday, September 26, 2003
Yesterday started out as a good day. Four games left in the season, Cubs ahead of the Astros by a whole game and about to play the Reds again, who barely even showed up the previous two days. But then... the offense was totally on but the pitching was sloppy, and nine very tense innings later, we lost 9-7 and the Astros won and it's all tied up again. The euphoria of yesterday morning has been replaced with what seems like well-justified bleakness. With the magic number at 3 to tie and 4 to win, and with us playing the not-terrible (as we learned last week) Pirates and them playing the very terrible Brewers, the BEST we can hope for right now is a tie and one-game playoff on Monday. The wildcard is pretty unlikely considering how hot the Marlins are, but we can't rule it out yet (they're playing the very terrible Mets). I'm not sure how many days in a row I can hold my breath, but we'll see. And me with two exams to study for!! ARGH!!!

REM show is tonight!! Am bored at work, and so am trying to learn the words (finally) to ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF). Tired of having to sing "mutter mutter mutter mutter DOWN YOUR NECK." Am very very much hoping that the girl I sold the extra ticket to is there. Not that I don't trust the post office, of course, but ever since I mailed it, I've been fretting about whether it got there in time. I think if I see her, I'll introduce myself. I actually have talked to the folks on either side of us, so it'll all be very chummy. I so cannot wait for this show! Maybe I'll finally get a t-shirt! I've always wanted an REM concert shirt, but frankly their designs for Monster and Up were sort of ugly. Love their music, but their artwork (shirts and videos and album covers) are too artsy for my taste. Although, the Bad Day video is really really great. Mike Mills looks just like Paul from Da Vinci's Notebook, or perhaps vice versa.

Happy Rosh Hashanah!


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