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Saturday, September 13, 2003
Well, I decided that $30 was not too much to pay for the seat near Waveland. Turned out to be a pretty cool seat (section 101). I was about 5 rows from the foul pole, nice clear view of Alou doing his "I'm bored and there's no chance a ball will come my way anyway" wide-legged stance in left. Kerry was shaky at first but then settled down, gave up only one run in 6 innings, striking out 9(?). Then I guess Dusty wanted to spice things up a little and pulled him for Guthrie and Alfonseca, who combined to give up the lead just before the skies parted and sheets of water started pouring down. I headed for the concourse, but it's pretty boring standing around and I was soaking wet and not far from home, so I headed out. Got home just as the rain delay ended and saw Goodwin come through and win it for me anyway! Great start to Birthday Weekend 2003! I also bought a new Cubs hat. I rock.

There is a cake mix with my name on it in the kitchen. Cruel, tricksy DH is screwing around on his computer instead of baking it for me.

Agenda for the day: cleaning and homework. Tonight: dinner and movie. Tomorrow: going to see Chicago! Was listening to the Broadway recording last night. I love the song "Roxie" -- ooh, uhuhuhuhuh.... well, it sounds better than it looks :)


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