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Monday, September 01, 2003
Unbelievable! September has begun, and the Cubbies are still in the thick of things! Prior pitched a masterful game today, despite a four-hour rain delay. Four more games against the Cards this week, giving us a chance to climb back over them in the standings. We're still in the wildcard race, too, although with the number of teams in contention, we're better off just taking the division. And I say "we" like I'm an integral part of the team, but I've put more energy into this team than many of the current players, having been a fan since I knew that baseball existed. I think I've earned the right to say "we".

Once we get past this doubleheader, I wouldn't mind seeing a four-man rotation. Estes may be a very good pitcher, but you can't see it through the flurry of base hits he gives up. If only we could trade Estes and Alfonseca as a package deal for something more useful, like, say, a case of Gatorade.

In other news, we saw Bad Boys 2 today, on a very drizzly Labor Day. Was of course thin on plot but fairly entertaining. Hard to tease Martin for not knowing the verses of the song, because I don't know them either. Hmm, maybe I should look that up...

Classes should begin to have actual content this week. I'm feeling rather relieved that I dropped restoration ecology. I paged through the cell bio text - eek! I have a two-page paper coming up in plant morphology. Should be able to write that in my sleep.


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