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Monday, August 11, 2003
Beginning week #3 of a 4-week vacation. I have accomplished NOTHING!! But I'm so relaxed I need a spatula to get off the couch. Have been sucked into far too many hours of daytime tv and am starting to crave school again. I did some shopping and cleaned the house and took the dogs to the vet, but I probably could have done all those things in one day. Today I learned to play "Same Boy You've Always Known" on guitar, but now my fingers hurt and I have to stop. I also bought American McGee's Alice and have played much of it. The centipede sucked until I stopped being so careful and just rushed the thing with the ice blade. I am very bad at video games. I rock at Tetris, though.

WS show in Nashville is officially cancelled. I am SO glad now that I didn't get tickets. I still hope they reschedule it b/c a show at the Ryman would be a blast!

Found a 40-acre lakefront property for sale near Sheboygan and drooled all over the monitor. *sigh* The house wasn't so exciting - very new, with cheesy 90's trim and light oak finishes. But for 40 acres, I could overlook a few things...


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