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Saturday, July 05, 2003
I just need to say: The White Stripes are un-fucking-believable!!! I wanted to drag them off the stage at the Aragon and take them home with me. Meg, just to wrap up in a blankie and take care of her. Jack, to make him play Ball and Biscuit for me, and maybe give me a guitar lesson or two. I think they should cover some CCR. Stuck in Lodi, maybe, or Who Will Stop the Rain. Or a Suzie Q/Suzy Lee medley. Awww....

Trying to go see them at the Ryman in Nashville. It's just a question of how much I'm willing to spend, with the eBay and the airfare and the [insert strange Prof. Fink sound here]. I have time off work, and I do have friends in Nashville who will put me up, and I think it would be the kind of show I'd remember forever. Perhaps worth it. We'll see.

It's July 4th weekend. It's really hot and muggy. I wanted to go to the beach and go swimming today, but at about 5:30 this morning, the most awful storm blasted through town, and whenever there's a heavy torrent of rain, the sewers and river threaten to overflow and they open the locks to let the water flow into the lake. This is how E. coli ends up at the beaches. Yeah, no thanks. Tomorrow, I go to Rockford to see my mom for her b-day and watch their dog compete in an agility trial. Should be cute. Lots of dogs! Maybe I'll see greyhounds!


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