Chapter the Fourth

So what exactly does the Author do when she is avoiding her homework? She turns her efforts towards quiet, simple pursuits: reading, music, gardening, playing with the dogs, putting her hapless Sims into unfortunate housing and relationship situations...the list goes on and on.

The Sims

"Hmm... it seems like I should be doing something else right now..."

The Sims are singlehandedly responsible for more lost productivity in the Author's life than all other activities combined. She just can't bear the thought of her poor little Sims stuck in suspended animation while she enjoys the benefits of her ex silico life.

Vacations and other Forays

  • Christmas in Jamaica! - 2000
  • Kurt Vonnegut live at the Chicago Public Library (where the Author left work early and snagged a front row seat) - 2001
  • Spring Break in Arizona - 2003
  • CUPPA's Urban Nature Day at the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago - 2003
  • Chicago Flower and Garden Show - 2004
  • St. Louis - 2004
  • Colorado Springs - 2004
  • Lake Forest Open Lands - Bagpipes and Bonfire - 2004
  • 10th Anniversary Cruise - 2004
  • Chicago Flower and Garden Show and Anti-War Protest March - 2005
  • Spring Break in Arizona - 2005 - day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4
  • Millennium Park in downtown Chicago - 2005
  • Austin, Texas - August 2005
  • Jet Set Poker Tournament in Curacao - October 2005
  • 2005 World Series celebrations - October-November 2005
  • Seattle - June 2006

  • Books

    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
    Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
    --Groucho Marx

    There can be no joy as complete as that known by our Author with her nose planted firmly in a book. Learn a bit about the authors she likes best, and peruse a list of her recent literary conquests:
    Alice's Tea Party; illustration by John Tenniel

    "The practice of an art makes you have a good soul.  That's the reward."
    --Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

    Gardening (indoors and out)

    It's not an obsession.  Really.

    The Author is the founder (and currently the only member) of Houseplant Addicts Anonymous, a support group for people incapable of leaving a store without buying a plant. One of the warning signs of a houseplant addiction is making web pages about houseplants.

    Gone are those innocent days when the Author waited for a passing rock band to discover her as she sang along with the stereo. After a stint with the internationally-renowned Alma College Glee Club, she now prefers to listen to the music of others, and is a sucker for guitars and baritones with gravelly voices. Bands and performers that make her go weak at the knees include REM, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gov't Mule, and The White Stripes. For lighter (but still incredibly talented!) fare, check out Da Vinci's Notebook. The Author has also taken guitar classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music here in Chicago, and has achieved a level of skill that does not make Eddie Van Halen worry about his job security. Good on-line guitar sites:  Tabcrawler and Wholenote.

    You are the song 'do' by the white stripes
    which white stripes song are you?
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    white stripes song adoption certificate
    I have my very own White Stripes song!
    You're jealous!

    MUCKing around
    The Author's virtual home-away-from-home since 1992: HoloMUCK. It's hard to explain; you'll just have to visit. Log on, say hello, and see her house on River Street, the doughnut shop on Main, and Looking Glass Land in Snark's house. And remember, TANSTAAFL!

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