2005 Chicago Flower and Garden Show
Diane McCarthy

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This exhibit by the Chicago Botanic Garden was much more impressive than my wimpy flash could capture. It's an elaborate model train set and a series of cityscapes rendered entirely in plant materials. Shown here: the water tower, library, & Lake Point Tower. Water Tower again, with one of the bridges (Mich. Ave?), Wrigley bldg, and Marina Towers made of tobacco leaves. Wrigley, Tribune, a glimpse of the Hancock, Marina Towers, Amoco/Aon Bldg. Navy Pier, the ferris wheel, and a peek at Buckingham Fountain
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Wrigley Field - note acorn lights and leaf pennants Looks like a slow outfield today Goat is not rendered in plant materials. They cheated. A Chicago bungalow. The man on the porch should probably put the beer down and mow the lawn.
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Mansions - Prairie Ave?  I'm not sure the Fields and Armours would stand for a freight train in their front yards. Birds made of scrap metal. I'm noticing that I've been at the show for a good hour and have not photographed any actual flowers yet. A friendly, but rusty, tortoise. And look! Flowers! Okay, finally, some flowers. I didn't catch the name of the purple ones but liked them a lot.
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The lighthouse outside Monroe Harbor. Skyline from near the end of Navy Pier A husband who doesn't want me to take his picture. On the way home, we ran into an anti-war protest, but we arrived too late to catch anything but the CPD, which may have outnumbered the protestors.
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More CPD in full riot gear.
And then the armada... ...which goes on and on. They apparently anticipated six busloads of arrestees. The march itself was entirely controlled and channelized, but I heard that it got more interesting down on Federal Plaza.