It's Simbintie!
a Sims2 photoshoot
May 2006

I've made several self-Sims over the months, but this is my favorite so far.

She has my nose.

We like a good trashy novel now and then

Her first house... I wasn't happy with it and built her a new one (see below).

If you're going to make a digital self, you might as well give it cleavage, right?

She even acts like me; the taxi showed up to take her downtown for her date, and she ignored it and headed to the computer to play video games.

That date ultimately went well - Darren Dreamer was quite taken with her!

I ordered "chef's choice", which gives each person what they're craving.  Simbintie did what I always do and low-balled her date's order, then helped herself to some of his pricier food.  Everybody wins!

Simbintie's House

                                            ...Simbintie shouldn't throw stones

At the end of a road near the water and woods of Pleasantview, a house in the International style, inspired by Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois.  Of course, I would never live in a house that's so exposed.  However, I love the look and the concept.

Living room

Bedroom (there's actually an invisible wall around the bedroom so outside sounds don't wake her up - Numenor's wallwindow set is amazing!).  The central core contains a bathroom and a dressing room.

Kitchen - and oh, look, Don Lothario has already sniffed out the new female in town.

Upgrades to Simbintie and her house
June 2006

I replaced Simbintie's skin with one of my new game defaults. I liked the old one because it was so bold and colorful, but the shine bothered me. The new one is from Louis of SimCribbling and is easier on the eyes. (except I screwed up when I installed it so some of these pics are actually Maxis default)

Darren also has new skin, and new eyes, and a hot new outfit (not shown here).

Simbintie gets an MP3 player and rocks out

Back at Darren's house, where his bachelor's bedroom has experienced a few lighting enhancements. Eat your heart out, Cassandra Goth!

The house now boasts a back deck, pond, hot tub, and vegetation. Around the front: a car!

You will NEVER see my hair this straight. I find it a little unnerving.

Ahh, that's better.

Simbintie as goth-rock concubine

Yeah, the gothchick thing doesn't work so well for me.

Pretty new hair, and it's even approximately the right color at the moment