Gardening, Biology, and Ecology Links

Good plant databases

Gardenweb's Hortiplex Database - I love this database! Metasearches some of the other databases listed here. Plus, information added by "civilian" gardeners. Database includes garden cultivars.
USDA Plants Database - a very thorough database: technical info, taxonomy, some photos
Michigan State University Extension - technical plant info, but no pictures
Ohio State University - searchable database of plants, pests, and diseases, including photos
Flora of North America - a work in progress; this will be the alpha and omega of plant databases! Includes drawings and copious details.
Illinois Plant Information Network - technical info and distribution by county
Illinois' Best Plants at the Chicago Botanic Garden - includes photos; searchable by criteria such as color and habitat
The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois - photos of prairie plants

Ecological organizations of interest in northeastern Illinois

Chicago Botanic Garden
The Morton Arboretum
North Park Village Nature Center
Chicagoland Environmental Network - includes a listing of internships and volunteer opportunities
Chicago Wilderness
Illinois Natural Resources Information Network
Illinois EcoWatch Network - become a Citizen Scientist
Sierra Club - Illinois chapter
North Branch Restoration Project - stewardship and restoration on the North Branch of the Chicago River
Save the Prairie Society - Visit Wolf Road Prairie, one of the finest prairie remnants left in Illinois
Illinois Native Plant Society - See their list of invasive plants; you may be surprised!
Wild Ones - promoting landscaping with native species
    Weed control laws - why are we so married to our manicured lawns? Is a naturally landscaped lawn something that respectable cities should ban?


Prairie Nursery - excellent stuff!
Art and Linda's - find them at a local farmer's market near you
Logee's Greenhouses - Okay, it's not natives...but they have the absolutely coolest houseplants!
Ion Exchange - a native plant nursery in Iowa. Lots of interesting stuff on their website, including an impressive bookstore.

The Morton Arboretum's Naturalist Certificate Program

The NCP is a certification program with classes offered by the three partner institutions: the Morton Arboretum, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and the Field Museum.