Spring Break in Phoenix, AZ
March 2005

~Day 3~

March 25
We returned to South Mountain again, to try the trails on the east end of the mountain. I didn't take the camera with us, unfortunately, but we hiked from the 46th St. entrance along the Javelina trail and then back along the Ridgeline and Beverly Canyon trails. We were extremely amused by the Gambel's quails we saw and heard, and the views were remarkable.

From the park we returned to Sonic, because *somebody* had a craving. We went back to HoHoKam Park early and got a great spot right behind the left field fence. We could have hit Todd Hollandsworth with a peanut if we'd wanted to. Zambrano started, and while he didn't have his usual overpowering control, he only gave up one run, but then along came Sergio Mitre... *sigh*. On the plus side, HRs from Derrek Lee and Zambrano himself. On the minus side, we lost to the Angels, 6-4.

The Angels warm up
From our spot in left field, the outfield and batter's eye
Okay, I need a stronger zoom lens... Todd Walker and Nomar Garciaparra, with Lee on 1st and Z on the mound
Action on the field - and you can't tell, but the sky was absolutely brilliantly blue that day

Todd Hollandsworth, outstanding in his field
HoHoKam Park - and an annoying van that ruined my shot
Mesa's finest
Bicycle taxis are big business in Mesa

We went to Scottsdale after the game, intending to wander the shops and galleries for the evening. First we had dinner at an overpriced Italian restaurant (outdoors, and while there were heat lamps lurking about, they hadn't been turned on yet), which was a mistake because apparently every shop in Scottsdale closes at 5. So, after two trips to Phoenix, I have yet to successfully experience Scottsdale. I'll give them one more chance...

Day 4