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These stories are based in the universe of Star Trek: Voyager. Voyager is not the best Trek series by any stretch, but I didn't watch DS9 enough to actually write about it, and I liked TNG too much to spoil it with my own paltry ramblings. In fact, Voyager's shortcomings, lack of character development, and gaping plot holes make it ideal for fanfic!

Disclaimer: The characters of Star Trek are owned by Paramount; the situations I put them in are of my own invention. I certainly am not making any money from this; I do it for my own entertainment, and for the entertainment of others. All of these stories have been posted to alt.startrek.creative; I don't mind if you link to this page or to any of the stories, but please let me know first.


And now that the formalities are out of the way, read on!

Annika's Gift (rated PG) June 1999
Set in the early years of Seven of Nine's life, when her parents were researching the Borg. Annika wishes to give her father the one thing he's always wanted: a chance to talk to the Borg. A response to the ASC Father's Day challenge.

Century Bug (rated G) [P, T, J] July 1999
Set in the 29th season of Voyager, where life is pretty much exactly like it was in the 5th season. Can Voyager's computer handle the transition to the year 2400?

Operation Caretaker (rated PG) July 1999
My own Equinox: Part 2, written long before the "real" Part 2 was aired. If Equinox was also pulled into the Delta quadrant by the Caretaker, why wasn't its experience similar to Voyager's? I'm not entirely happy with this one so expect a rewrite someday.

A Sort of Homecoming (rated PG) [J, J/C] August 1999
My first songfic, based on U2's "A Sort of Homecoming" from The Unforgettable Fire. Janeway's dreams of home remind her of what she's lost. Bring your tissues.

Constellations (rated G) January 2000
Voyager's visit to an apparently uninhabited planet has a profound effect on the local residents.

Endgame (rated PG) August 2000
Miscellaneous Final Scenes for the Voyager series. Challenge response.
And note that I wrote this *long* before the title of the real final episode was announced! Am I good or what?

Perfect Match (rated PG-13) [Data/7] Begun August 1999 Almost Done!
Sometime after Voyager returns to the Alpha quadrant, Seven is temporarily assigned to the Enterprise, where she meets the perfect man and learns that the concept of "perfection" has no place in a romantic relationship. A response to the ASC Unique Pairings challenge.

Road Not Taken (rated PG-13) [J] Begun August 1999 In Progress!
A Part 2 for the episode Think Tank, set sometime in the fifth season as Voyager traverses another Void. Kurros offers to solve Janeway's problem by letting her relive the crucial moments which brought Voyager to the Delta quadrant. She observes the outcomes of her new decisions. "It's a Wonderful Life"... or maybe it isn't.

Aftermath In Progress!
Set after Pathfinder, Reggie Barclay discovers that his holodeck recreation of the people on Voyager is not very accurate. Not sure yet where this one is going!

Wild Child In Progress!
Set in Voyager's 16th year in the Delta Quadrant. Cute little Naomi Wildman has grown up to be a rebellious and lonely teenager, and nobody is quite sure how to handle her.

Bounty (rated PG) In Progress!
Janeway has her own reasons for inviting Paris along on the Badlands mission.

Seven Deadly Sins In Progress!
Seven discovers that to err is human, and attempts to advance her lessons in humanity by committing the deadliest of sins.

Obsession In Progress!
An AU set after the events of "Someone to Watch Over Me." The Doctor, stung by Seven's rejection, plots to win her back, while Seven learns that the best way to begin a romantic relationship is through friendship. Unfortunately for the Doc, he's not the object of her affection.

The Hunting of the Borg (poem) In Progress!
A tale of a ship and its Crew, who journey to parts unknown in search of the Borg. A parody of Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark," which is a wonderful piece.

The Rime of the Ancient Voyager (poem) In Progress!
I hoped to get this done before the sixth season began, but you know how these things go. In any case, this is based on "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, another poem which I just love. My version tells the story of a very old retired captain named Ransom who long ago did a Very Bad Thing and was punished appropriately.

Changeling [Seven] Begun June 2000 In Progress!
An AU story which slightly rewrites Unimatrix Zero Part 1, and goes from there...

Drabbles, those addictive soundbytes which will eventually lead to the demise of quality fanfiction (I only wrote three - you have to admire my restraint):

Intruder Alert (rated G) (drabble) [P/T] July 1999
Tom protects B'Elanna from a vicious attacker, sort of.

One Month (rated G) (drabble) [J/P] July 1999
Set sometime before "Thirty Days." I don't like this one, but I keep it here as filler.

Missing Scene from Virtuoso (rated G) (drabble) [7, EMH] February 2000
Set during the sixth-season episode "Virtuoso," immediately after the Doc's farewell to Seven in the Cargo Bay.

Feedback is a lovely thing! Constructive criticism and gushing praise may be sent to Lorelei . And feel free to encourage, cajole, or nag me about finishing these stories. Sometimes I need a little motivation.

Author's Note: I find that I'm becoming a member of the Kilgore Trout School of Science Fiction Writing, meaning it's sometimes more fun to think up ideas for stories than to actually write the stories. So it goes.

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