Colorado Trip
July 30 - August 2, 2004

A much-needed escape from the flat land and crowds of Chicago took us to Colorado Springs, where we saw everything, did everything, and eyed "for sale" signs along the way.

Day 1

Arrived at the Denver airport and were troubled by the "tornado shelter" signs outside the restrooms, seeing as how the roof of the terminal is a *tent*. Picked up the rental car, which just happened to be a Mustang convertible. Not the most practical choice, but hey, it's vacation!

Drove to Colorado Springs, only needing to pull over once to frantically put the top up during a sudden thunderstorm. I'm sure the locals were amused. Checked into the Wyndham, where our room had a view of Pikes Peak. We learned to pick Pikes Peak from the crowd over the course of the weekend. It is much more rounded than I expected, and not really "peaky" at all. In the hotel parking lot we met several pesky native magpies, which are the size of a crow but are black, white, and blue. I'm sure the locals hate them but we thought they were cute!

Visited Garden of the Gods, a city park in Colo. Springs with dramatic rock formations, hiking, wildlife, and kissing camels.

Can you find the camels
in this picture?

Stopped at the trading post for a heavy dose of kitsch. We then headed into adorable Manitou Springs, the town that time forgot, and had pizza at Savelli's ("Eat where the locals eat!" was surprisingly true) before trekking down the road to look into the stores and sample the water from the various springs. The springs all taste about the same, slightly salty and slightly bubbly, with very subtle differences that I suppose were very important to the people seeking their healing benefits a hundred or more years ago. We also bought a box of chocolate popcorn that lasted the entire weekend.

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