The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 5b
Last updated:  1 April 2006

The Brokaw Family Tree

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Generation 7, in the Peter House:
Meghan and Kelly

When last we visited the Peter House, Leona the Heiress had moved Kacper the Gardener into the house, and a baby was forthcoming.  Ashley was feeling a bit left out, but was unimpressed with most of the young men in Pleasantville, until one day...

Ashley gets all blushing and girly with Abhijeet Deppiesse, who I will just assume is not related to her grandfather Leo.  Abhi's daily walks past every house I've ever built are finally paying off!  I suppose she could do worse, and she really likes him.  Plus, he hasn't knocked up any of my other Legacy heirs yet, which is a plus.

Leona asks Kacper to marry her, with their snoring baby Meghan as witness.

And then a horrible thing happened:  I realized after an entire day of gameplay that I had turned my photo size down and never turned it back up again.  Argh!!  So here is a pile of teensy photos that should have come out much better... *sob*:

Leona and Kacper's wedding


Toasting the bride (and I was going to make a snarky comment about Ashley's choice of dress, but you can't really see it anyway)

Leona and Kacper are all over each other most of the time; Ryan is envious (and that stupid champagne bottle lasted for several Sim-years until I finally deleted it; people just would NOT stop toasting!).

A very cute Kacper and his very cute daugher Meghan.  I really have a thing for these NPC gardeners.

Ashley and Abhi on their first date.

Meghan as a child... she is *gorgeous*!  Trust me.

Un"bear"able sweetness - HAHAHA! I slay me.

Fishy!!!!  Hey FISHY!!!!  (a pic I really wish had come out better)

Ashley in her first trimester, sucking down champagne.  This really bugs me and I have to remind myself it's just a game!

A mishap with the trash compactor (I have had a lot of these!) left Leona looking a bit crunchy (and Lucy a bit nauseous).  I think the electrocuted hair mesh should be available all the time - I like it!

Funny thing is, poor Leona never got rid of the purple sparks; they stayed with her for a very long time.

A cozy fire in the fireplace leads to the horrible realization that the smoke alarm in the kitchen doesn't know about fires in the living room.  Luckily nobody was hurt except the blue loveseat.

Ashley and Abhi's baby, Kelly, a blue-eyed, black-haired girl.

A moment of oddness in the kitchen - Ryan violates Leona's personal space (or maybe he's smelling her hair?).

And other stuff:  Brian died with lifetime platinum, and Ashley actually died of hunger early in her pregnancy but Edgar outsmarted the Reaper and brought her back.  Ryan and Edgar are both elders now; Ryan is a Mad Scientist and Edgar is on his way to the top of the politics career.

Meghan the Heir is beautiful and wonderful (but she rolled Romance... oh well).  She actually looks a lot like Grandma Violet.

Meghan Brokaw:  48149 = 26
Romance/Hall of Famer/Athletic career

Meghan wishes her dad wouldn't wander outside in his pajamas.

Ashley, Kacper, and Ryan enjoy the perks of working nights (or of not working at all).

Kacper takes a break from being his usual smouldering self and busts out in a cheesy grin.

Leona shows off her pretty purple sparklies!

"So then I'm all, 'She said *what*?!' and he's all 'I know!!'"

Kelly, the underachieving Legacy Leftover, is left to her own devices far too often.

Kelly Brokaw:  49384 = 28
Family/Reach Golden Anniversary

Oh, come on!!  Who doesn't like to play Red Hands?!

Ashley overreacts to losing her "patient".  Luckily for medical science, Ashley is a career criminal, not a doctor.

A view of the island where the Brokaw ancestors pace and grumble about being tired every night.  I know Legacies are supposed to have free-roaming ghosts, but I've already violated so many of the rules and oh my GOD the ghosts are annoying!!

The Gen. 7 Heirs, Meghan and Connie.  I still haven't figured out the deal with the acne; Meghan never once got it and never had to use the cream.  Huh.

Elder twins Leona and Ashley in a rare moment of relaxation

Kacper decides to celebrate life after a computer-repair mishap and shares a dance with Leona.  Somehow, his eyebrows stayed sparkly white throughout the ordeal.

Meghan continues to be gorgeous as an adult, and continues to look like Grandma Violet.  Hopefully this does not also portend an early and crispy death.

As a teen, Kelly couldn't wait until cousin Meghan aged up to adult so Meghan would stop stealing all of Kelly's potential boyfriends.  It's not easy being a Family Sim in the same house as a Romance Sim.

On the day she became legal, Meghan asked her old friend Jeff Langerak on a quiet date at her house.  By the end of the evening, they were engaged and pregnant.  Generation 8 is on its way!