The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 4
Last updated:  1 April 2006

The Brokaw Family Tree

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Generation 6, in the Paula House:
Mary Jane, Trixie, Martin, and Andromeda

Carrie Ann (remember her? Becky and Don L.'s love child?) worked hard on her medical career, but as a Legacy dead-end was feeling a bit useless. She took solace in the arms of George Platz - the same George who was her mother's lover and the father of her half-brother Warren. Mmm, a reticulating family tree!

Nothing wrong with a little nookie with your kid brother's daddy, right?


Darien holds his first-cousin-once-removed, Mary Jane, Carrie Ann's baby and Don Lothario's love-grandchild. Poor Don has no idea; he doesn't even come by to steal their paper anymore. Mary Jane has the black hair of most of her ancestors, and George Platz's dark blue eyes and biggish nose.

Mary Jane Brokaw:
Pleasure aspiration; LTW 50 Dream Dates
Neatness 5
Outgoing 9
Active 5
Playful 5
Nice 0
Total:  24

Another point-deficient Sim. Must be something in the water.

Dr. Carrie Ann Brokaw as an elder

Mary Jane grew into her dad's nose and is so pretty! The question is, what to do with her as the house fills up with Harrison's descendants?

Speaking of Harrison, his time finally came, during his Golden Anniversary party no less (yes, I orchestrated that). The Reaper gave him a frilly drink, Harrison packed up his suitcase, and he joyously departed this SimEarth, leaving behind no regrets and my first platinum tombstone (yay!).

Another graphics glitch gave the Hula Angels dark red faces. Or maybe the UV is much worse in heaven?

After dragging through his undereducated and pimply teen years, Darien finally made it to adulthood. Resentful of being the non-heir, he was an angry young man, frequently furious with sister-in-law Jill for reasons I couldn't quite fathom.

"Oh no you didn't!"

Dexter with the First Potential Heir, Trixie. She showed early signs of The Nose but I think she's growing out of it.

Trixie Brokaw:
Neatness 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 5
Nice 9
Total:  34

Darien with the Second Potential Heir, Martin*.  Martin has the random-colored-head bug, and Darien feels a special bond with him. Darien seems to have become a little fat. No, wait, that's not fat....

*Trixie and Martin names courtesy of the Trixie Belden mystery stories to which I was addicted when a kid!

Darien hoisting yet another baby, Andromeda, but this time it's his! She's the result of a wild night that Darien doesn't remember very well. There were bright lights, bad food, and possibly a very affectionate someone named Xrkhjjjy, but it's all kind of blurry. There may have been probing, but of course all good parties have probing.

So the Paula House was bursting with activity as eight people vied for my attention. Oy.

<no pics of Martin yet... I'll take some, I promise!>

Martin Brokaw:
Neatness 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 4
Nice 9
Total:  33

Andromeda Brokaw:
Neatness 10
Outgoing 5
Active 3
Playful 7
Nice 10
Total:  35!

Andromeda has the best stats since Peter Brokaw, her multiply-great uncle.  However, I didn't really want to feed alien genes into my Legacy line.  She is pretty cute, though, and she definitely does not have the Long nose!

Carrie Ann scrubs and scrubs but the green just will not come off.

Trixie suspects that Martin and Andromeda have been hiding shoes inside her Easy-Bake Oven. The muffin tastes a bit like feet.

Darien reads to his attentive daughter, who thinks his voice sounds like beautiful music.

Third cousins once removed: Violet and Andromeda on a play date. "Take me to your leader," says Violet, cracking herself up.

Once Trixie reached her teen years and both babies started school, Carrie Ann decided she'd had enough of all this chaos and called a taxi for herself and her daughter.  "Please please can we come with?!" begged Darien and Andromeda, and the four of them climbed into the cab and drove off to a horrible little shack Downtown, right next door to both Warren and Ericka, who had returned from their tour of Europe. The Paula House was down to four people, and Trixie and Martin could concentrate on growing up without all that racket!

And now, a Legacy Leftovers Interlude from the Future...

Darien has traded his mohawk and tattoos for a more conservative dad-like look, but he still has a tendency to challenge authority and social mores.  Mary Jane is not sure how to react.

Mary Jane as an adult.  Totally hot, in a convential hot Sim sort of way.

Andromeda as an adult, looking minty and fresh.  Darien likes how the gold paint brings out the green in her skin.

Andromeda has fulfilled the Creator's dream of a vampire alien!  Woo!  But then... oh no... things started to get buggy.  Andromeda came down with a nasty case of the jump bug, and a second nasty case of "only being able to 'appreciate' other people", and a third nasty case of not having an aspiration (she was grilled cheese, but it disappeared).  I restarted without saving many times, but the bug started to spread and I was forced to drop her in the Stairless Pool and put an end to it.  Count Spencer wasn't very upset; he liked Mary Jane better anyway.

A family portrait:  Mary Jane, fiance Count Spencer, and their non-vampire baby Rex, a member of Generation 7.  Darien lurks in the background and wonders if there's time to get himself knocked up again before he gets old.

Mary Jane displays the massive rock on her finger.  I think she makes a very lovely vampire.

And here she is again after getting new custom skin and eyes.

And back to our story!

Martin as a teen - oh, look, he has The Nose.  Good thing he's not the Heir! Note the television that the repair guy left at an annoying angle.  Grrr.

Trixie, heir of the Paula House, and Leona, heir of the Peter House, go head-to-head.  Leona appears to be winning.

Dexter was getting bored after all the kids grew up, so I sent him into the police career which he seems to enjoy greatly.

An adult Trixie studies the latest in romantic techniques.

Dexter and Jill's anniversary party!  Unfortunately, there were so many people in the house that they felt a little shy and headed into the bathroom for some slow dancing and smooching (awww!).  This party did not fulfill his LTW, however - how the heck do you do the Golden Anniversary want?  Jill died shortly after, much to Dexter's dismay.

Martin, Mr. Late Bloomer himself, finally has his first kiss - and who better to have it with than Dina?  Seriously, these Caliente girls have odd taste in men.