The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 2

Generation 4, in the Paula House:
Becky, Jason, and Harrison

Christopher Brokaw's wife Kaylynn, formerly the maid and now a police officer, proved to be surprisingly fertile and popped out twins Becky and Jason. Becky had Lauren's black hair with Kaylynn's green eyes, while Jason looked like Grandpa Benjamin but also had Kaylynn's eyes. They were born at about the same time that Benjamin was dying of food poisoning out on the driveway. In all the baby-related confusion, nobody managed to talk to the Reaper in time. Now Benjamin's green ghost wanders the property, reenacting his death over and over. Fun!

Becky Brokaw:
Family aspiration
Neatness 6
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 4
Nice 4
Total:  32

Jason Brokaw:
Fortune aspiration, athletic career
Neatness 3
Outgoing 5
Active 9
Playful 7
Nice 7
Total:  31

Jason and Becky play SSX. They didn't really get along with each other as children, but things got better when they grew up.

Christopher and Kaylynn and the kids continued to live in the Legacy House with Christopher's sister Abigail, who was unemployed and did nothing but lure unsuspecting people into the Love Tub all day.

Abigail shares a romantic dinner with Ericka the Gardener. Mmm, giant insects! She may be an unemployed woman of questionable morals, but to her credit, Abigail also is a great help with the kids.

As is usual for a Family Sim, Kaylynn felt her biological clock ticking louder and louder. I took pity on her and she soon found herself pregnant again. Another green-eyed, blond-haired baby was born, and they named him Harrison.  Huh... methinks Miss Kaylynn is actually a blonde.

Kaylynn shows off her newest creation. Jason cheers, Becky looks quizzical, and Abigail checks out the maid's butt.

Harrison Brokaw:
Romance aspiration;, lifetime want to be a Professional Party Guest; slacker career
Neatness 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 4
Nice 9
Total: 33

Harrison is a good kid with good stats and will definitely become the heir. Too bad he has the Long nose, though. This is about the time that I finally got Nightlife, so lifetime wants can now also be recorded.  It was rather disappointing to look at the LTWs of characters who had already advanced in their careers.  Apparently I had chosen... poorly.

A quiet evening at the Legacy house: Christopher, Jason, Kaylynn, Harrison, and Becky

Time went on, and Becky and Jason became adults. Becky only wanted to have a baby, and she decided that Abigail wouldn't miss one of her many boyfriends, so she struck up a friendship with Don Lothario. Before he knew what hit him, she was pregnant with no intention of marrying him. That little minx!

Becky sweet talks Don Lothario, who falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

Hey, Becky! Smile!

Meanwhile, Harrison grows up into a nice-looking teenager with a friendly disposition and odd cheekbones.  But oh, that pointy nose...

Jason is blessed with The Nose as well. Here Harrison sucks down coffee and tries hard to ignore his dorky older siblings.

Jason and Daniel after a hard day of being all sweaty and manly at work. Later on, they will get sweaty and manly in the love tub. Does the Bintgoddess keep forgetting to turn the walls back on before taking pictures? Yes she does!

"Ow, ow, my back! Christopher, geez, get off me!"

Kaylynn and Christopher passed away on the same day after a long and happy life together. Kaylynn was Chief of Police at the time, Christopher was an Astronaut. Abigail and the kids were very sad but life goes on, and they had Generation 5 to raise.

Generation 4, in the Peter House:
Olivia and Tyler

Back in the non-Legacy house, Nina and Brady tried and tried for a baby, but apparently it just wasn't meant to be. Their love for each other was undiminished, though; they couldn't keep their hands off each other! She didn't even mind the sizable paunch he developed while sampling candies out in the shed. More of him to love, she said.

Alice, though, was a family Sim, and she started thinking about babies even while a teenager. New boyfriend Stephan was happy to oblige, and Alice proved to be just as fertile as Kaylynn by surprising him with twins! (ARGH!) Olivia and Tyler both had Stephan's dark skin tone and brown eyes, but Olivia had her mom's black hair and Tyler had brown.  It took me a while to trace the genetics, but I think Stephan is genetically brown-haired, as was Jan. Strange little genetic surprises that are fun to uncover!

Stephan with... umm, well, not sure which baby this is. It's sleeping with its eyes open, though. Stephan was kind of homely when he arrived, but get rid of the grocery uniform and give him some sexy hair and stubble and he looks pretty good!

Stephan Gothier Brokaw:
Fortune aspiration, medicine career
Neatness 6
Outgoing 6
Active 6
Playful 4
Nice 3
Total: 25

Alice with some random baby, who is intrigued by Brady's and Nina's antics. Geez, get a room, you two!!

Olivia had a really rough time in grade school and I started to fear the social worker was going to take her away. She managed to squeak through, though, and I'm glad because she's a great teenager! Tyler was a major nerd who didn't mind homework and, tragically, also inherited Jan's flat nose. Oh, the horror!

Olivia is such a good little knowledge Sim

Olivia Brokaw:
Knowledge aspiration; lifetime want to be a Mad Scientist; science career
Neatness 6
Outgoing 6
Active 6
Playful 4
Nice 9
Total:  31

It's Urkel! What on earth is up with those glasses? Hey, at least he's happy.

Tyler Brokaw:
Fortune aspiration; LTW to be a Hall of Famer; athletic career
Neatness 6
Outgoing 7
Active 6
Playful 6
Nice 3
Total:  28

Olivia and Tyler horsing around

A teenaged Olivia falls in with a bad crowd

This conversation between Leo and Olivia took place under the arch entirely of their own free will. Despite their mutual interest in expensive jewelry, they will have to wait until Olivia grows up; you do *not* want to see what Stephan does to gardeners who try to seduce his baby girl!

Okay, so here I break the Legacy rules and continue playing this house as a second branch of the Legacy, even though I moved a player-sim (Nina) into it.  I'm not scoring, I'm not competing, and if you're a purist you probably stopped reading on the previous page.  I just want to see how this family is going to turn out, and so I decided to make Olivia the heir of the Peter line and will continue to play by the rules.

Meanwhile, Brady and Nina continued to be embarrassingly cuddly even in their old age. Nina became a famous scientific theorist while Brady reached the top of the Culinary career and also the absolute rock-bottom of the fitness scale. It's a tough job, sampling all those creations, but someone has to do it.

Brady the Celebrity Chef gives props to the Big Guy (that would be Emeril, I guess).

Okay, so hottie Nina didn't age too well, but Brady is still perfectly happy to put his hand on her boob.

Stephan seems a little startled by what lurks inside the human body

The Old Ladies Club - Alice, who is still pretty cute, plays with cousin Abigail, while Nina looks gaunt.

Stephan likes the older women

Alice is unprepared for the adventure that is the Fast setting.

Here are the twins, Olivia and Tyler, all grown up and pondering their futures, while mom Alice also ponders from a respectful distance. Olivia is so pretty! I just love her so much! Tyler... well, he has a very nice personality.

Another shot of Olivia, because I can

Brady finally departs this SimEarth, to the dismay of relatives and a coworker who picked a bad day to come home with him. Nina is inconsolable until the next day, when she hooks up with Seth Bertino. An elderly and distinguished Dr. Stephan watches carefully so he knows what to do when it's his turn.

Generation 5