The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 3a

Generation 5, in the Paula House:
Carrie Ann, Warren, Dexter and Darien

Becky's quest for a baby with no strings attached was successful: meet Carrie Ann Brokaw, who has the same green eyes and black hair as both parents. With Becky and Don's genes, I expect her to be pretty cute! However, her stats are pretty underwhelming.

Becky poses with her fatherless baby while Jason rubs his hands maniacally.

Carrie Ann Brokaw:
Knowledge aspiration; LTW to be Chief of Staff; medicine career
Neatness 1
Outgoing 7
Active 8
Playful 4
Nice 9
Total:  29

Becky needs to get back in shape after Carrie Ann's birth, and she is *not* happy about it.

Carrie Ann's first act upon reaching childhood is to play "Important Person Belches While Giving Speech" and then laugh uproariously about it.

Carrie Ann presents arguments to her mom and Uncle Harrison for why she should enroll at Hogwarts.

Carrie Ann ages into a cute teen but sorry, kid, you're not the heir.

Harrison-the-Heir attempting to be alluring. Give it up, dude.

Harrison grew up into a funny-looking adult, sort of a craggier version of Grandpa Benjamin. With his long hair and studded leather vest, he was a big hit with the ladies all over town. His first kiss, date, and woo-hoo all happened on the same night, with Abigail's old girlfriend Ericka. And boy was Abigail mad!

You don't dress up for dates, either?  I knew I liked you for some reason!

Shortly before one of Harrison's and Abigail's many many fights over Ericka, in which Abigail knocked Harrison on his ass every single time. The argument was ultimately resolved in a pretty decisive way...

See, kids, this is why it's bad to swim when you're tired.

Harrison was so giddy that cute redheaded Ericka was in love with him that he asked her to marry him without checking to see if that was one of his fears. It was. Oops. So, they had a nice long engagement while he got over his fear, and he managed to marry her and get her name changed to the family name just hours before their first baby was born. Whew!

Ericka Jayapalan Brokaw:
Romance aspiration; LTW to be a Celebrity Chef; culinary career
Neatness 7
Outgoing 5
Active 4
Playful 5
Nice 4
Total:  25

I worry about this marriage... two romance Sims with roving eyes may not enjoy being trapped in a monogamous relationship. I really don't want more fights in the house... they make me so sad!

Meanwhile, Becky hooks up with George Platz, who has expensive tastes when someone else is buying. Becky got him back by having his baby and refusing to marry him. This story sounds familiar! Fortunately for the remaining dark-haired men of Pleasantville, Becky finally aged to Elder and her sperm-poaching days came to an end.

A pregnant Becky collapses into her cereal and is irritated that the stereo keeps waking her up from the only rest she's had in days. The bump will become a boy named Warren, with George's blue eyes and both parents' black hair.

Warren Brokaw:
Fortune aspiration; LTW Hall of Famer
Neatness 5
Outgoing 9
Active 5
Playful 5
Nice 0
Total:  24

24?! Warren had the deck stacked against him from the very start with stats like that, so I wasn't inclined to put a lot of effort into him. Besides, the family's attention was diverted by the arrival of Dexter the Precious Potential Heir, and Warren was chopped liver by comparison.

Warren looks a lot like father George, with messier hair. Here he and half-sister Carrie Ann share a joke about their promiscuous mom.

Ericka, sans braids and grubbies, is a major milf. She is holding the first potential Legacy heir, Dexter, with brown eyes and black hair. Wait... what?! Black hair? Methinks Miss Ericka is not the natural redhead she has led us to believe! I am not amused!

Dexter Brokaw:
Family aspiration; LTW to celebrate a Golden Anniversary
Neatness 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 4
Nice 9
Total:  33

A spontaneous moment between Becky and baby Dexter.

Dexter plays with Harrison. Alas, Dexter has The Nose, but once he grew into his features, he really was rather adorable.


Just in case Dexter didn't improve with age, Harrison and Ericka went ahead and made another potential heir, the fourth (and final) black-haired baby in this house's Generation 5. Little Darien also has his mom's brown eyes, but his stats aren't as good as Dexter's, and Dexter with his dreamy looks and family aspiration wins the Legacy lottery. Dexter would become one of my favorite characters, along with Olivia and Paula.

Darien Brokaw:

Pleasure aspiration; LTW Celebrity Chef
Neatness 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 4
Nice 4
Total:  28

My first Pleasure Sim! Darien, too, has The Nose. Dammit.

It was around this time that I *finally* had an alien abduction. Poor Becky was yanked into the stratosphere against her will, then dumped unceremoniously in the street.

The next night, knowledge Sim Carrie Ann also was abducted; she found the whole incident rather intriguing. Dexter hurried from the shower to watch, but then he couldn't bear to look. Did I accidentally put the hacked telescope in the downloads directory? I thought I deleted that thing!

Harrison aged into a good-looking elder, a professional party guest with lifetime platinum. Here he spends a quiet moment cataloging all the women he has met but has not yet slept with.

And Jason? What ever happened to Jason? Well, after a torrid love affair with Daniel Pleasant and many years of helping to raise his twin sister's and brother's kids, Jason was inducted into the Sim Hall of Fame. But then the house was too crowded so he gracefully succumbed to starvation for the good of the family. I think it was more traumatic for me than for the rest of the family; I'll just move extra people out in the future. *sob*

Becky painted a nice portrait of her kid brother Harrison and another of herself because hey, it's her easel. She wanted to work on portraits of the other family members, being the only one with enough creativity, but she knew she was running out of time. To give herself more painting days, she sipped from the Elixir of Life water cooler, but though she had gold aspiration at the time, her scheme backfired. Farewell, Becky :(

"Nooooo! This isn't what I had in mind at all!"

Darien scraped through school with failing grades, but he was a Pleasure Sim and school is lame, so that was okay with him.

Darien has amassed quite a pile of homework over the years!

Darien thinks he's pretty fly for a white guy. Daniel and Harrison are of a different opinion.

Ericka continues the trend of hot women aging into gaunt and vaguely frightening elders. Milf no more; not even gilf! I ended up sending her on a long trip to Europe because the house was crowded and premature deaths make me sad :(  I hear Paris is lovely this time of year.

Becky's oldest boy Warren actually became a rugged, manly-looking adult. He looks a lot like his father, George Platz, whom he never got to know very well. Warren collapsed in aspirational failure the moment he transitioned to adult, with the result being...

Warren panhandling outside the Legacy house. Fortune Sims are so whiny if you don't get them a job in high school; this is what happens when you're a Legacy Extra growing up with the Shining Magical Legacy Heir. I sent Warren to Europe soon after, to travel the continent with Ericka and all the other relatives I ship over there in the coming generations.

Pleasure Sims are so strange... juggling is one of your "wants"? Okay, knock yourself out!

Dexter, on one of his last days of teenage-hood, brought home Jill Dalton, a cutie with whom he had several lightning bolts of chemistry. I liked her look (but not her green eyeshadow - yeesh!) and decided to do a tiny little cheat to age her into an adult for him. That's allowed, isn't it? Well, too bad, I did it. Anything for Dexter... *bats eyelashes*

First, though, a funny thing happened on the way to their first date. Dexter called her and asked her out. Jill agreed and hurried to the diner, where she noticed that Dexter seemed surprisingly tall. He had aged into an adult after asking her out, but the date was still on. The Gods of Morality at Maxis kept anything untoward from happening, but it felt a little awkward for me! I aged Jill up that night and they were able to rekindle their love in a pure and entirely legal way.

"I'm sorry, I had a growth spurt today. It comes from eating too many hamburgers. You'll see what I mean later tonight." Brandi Broke meanwhile wonders if she should call the police.

Dexter and Jill had a lovely wedding in the Paula House's new wedding garden.

In attendance: Valerie Brokaw, Olivia Brokaw, Carrie Ann Brokaw, Ericka Brokaw, George Platz, and Alex Brokaw. Harrison and Darien are wandering the house in their pajamas, waiting impatiently for the buffet to open. I was very annoyed that Dexter and Jill rotated 90 degrees in the trellis, making photos more difficult, especially after I spent so much time perfecting the lighting. Hmph.

Jill Dalton Brokaw:
Knowledge aspiration; LTW Chief of Staff; medicine career
Neatness 2
Outgoing 3
Active 9
Playful 7
Nice 4
Total:  25

"Cake in my eye! Ayiiiiieeeee!" "Oh, Dexter, you're such a card!"

Married only a few minutes and they're already swingers. Sheesh.

Giving new meaning to "cleaving unto your spouse". ???!!!

Dexter and Jill got to work on Generation 6 right away. We're halfway done!

The other half of Generation 5