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Last updated:  17 January 2006

The Brokaw Family Tree

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Generation 5, in the Peter House:
Alex, Valerie, and Violet

So much has happened since we last visited the Peter House! Olivia and Leo got pregnant and then got married in a lovely moonlit ceremony. It's always fun to find out the stats of the person you're adding to the family; it turns out that although Leo was slumming as a gardener, he secretly had the same aspiration and LTW as Olivia. She would always be a few grades above him at work, which he didn't mind, since it was all about the pursuit of knowledge, not the status.

Leo gains a hot wife and access to Peter Brokaw's fortune. Double bonus!

Leo Deppiesse Brokaw:
Knowledge aspiration; LTW Mad Scientist; science career
Neatness 3
Outgoing 8
Active 2
Playful 8
Nice 4
Total:  25

It was around this time that Nina started to feel like a sixth wheel. With Brady gone, it was hard to feel like part of the family, and with a baby on the way, she wanted to get out before she got stuck babysitting every day. She moved to a little house in town and remains a good friend. Her sister Dina is pleased that she is now the far hotter of the two.

Did I say baby? Make that *two* babies: Olivia the Twin had twins of her own! Both babies had brown hair like their dad and brown eyes like their mom, but one had Leo's pale skin and the other had a skin tone partway between her parents'. And, there was one more unusual feature...

Leo holds his son Alex, whose head was random colors throughout his babyhood - purple, blue, green, you name it. I was a little nervous about it, but when Alex reached childhood he looked more normal. Maybe an effect of Olivia's custom hair?

Alex Brokaw:
Popularity aspiration; LTW to be a General; military career
Neatness 3
Outgoing 9
Active 2
Playful 8
Nice 4
Total:  26

Baby Valerie gazes up at her mom and wonders where that eggy smell is coming from.

Valerie Brokaw:
Wealth aspiration; LTW Hall of Famer; athletic career
Neatness 3
Outgoing 8
Active 2
Playful 7
Nice 9
Total:  29

Another athlete. Sigh.

The family realized around this time that they were awash in cash but still crammed into a tiny little house on a tiny lot. They decided to splurge and upgrade to one of the nicest houses in Pleasantview, a lovely red brick number with multiple decks and porches, a house worth much more than the rat-trap they were living in. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after they were in that they realized that the house was big but the rooms were tiny; not a single room was big enough for a double bed. They set about tearing down walls and relocating awkward stairs, but it just wasn't going to work, and they sneaked out of their half-remodeled house in the middle of the night, vowing never to speak of that very expensive mistake again. They moved to yet another house, one that was even bigger and prettier, and hoped to make it their forever home. Plus, they finally had room for their first car!

Soon after raising Valerie and Alex to childhood, Alice finally went with the Reaper after a long and happy life. Olivia was despondent and made a point of spending extra time with her dad as his time grew shorter.

Olivia would like to let her dad win this time, but her Knowledge aspiration just won't let her.

The first thing Valerie did after reaching teenager-hood was go shopping. Isn't she a doll? I don't know where she got the pouty lips.

Alex strikes a scholarly pose in his new school uniform.

Olivia and Leo were a little disappointed by the low personality scores of the twins. Olivia said it certainly didn't come from *her* side of the family! Aware of their responsibility to the Legacy, they tried one more time. The third baby, a little girl, also had the colorful head glitch, which prompted them to name her Violet. Violet had the same brown hair and eyes of her siblings, with Leo's pale complexion.

Heir material? I don't think so...

Violet Brokaw:

Pleasure aspiration; LTW Professional Party Guest
Neatness 3
Outgoing 9
Active 2
Playful 9
Nice 4
Total:  27

Only 27 points... not very impressive. Olivia said there is no way she's having a fourth baby - it's tough enough to succeed in science with three kids at home, and after Stephan passed away, there were no grandparents to do the childrearing. Leo agreed, and Valerie will be the heir.

"You could use a tan, kiddo."

Leo spends his free time painting a portrait of his lovely Heiress daughter.

Meanwhile, Tyler advanced in his quest for the Hall of Fame while also having torrid relationships with Dina Caliente and Barbara Despret. He loved the blondes, and they loved him, funny nose and all. After a particularly good date, Barbara left him a pinball machine. Flowers are so 2005!

So, the Peter House has had a complete turnover of people, but the name and the genes live on...

And, look! A Legacy Crossover Episode!

Teens Dexter and Valerie met in school and hit it off right away.

I mean *really* hit it off. Kissing Cousins? How about Kissing Third Cousins? Is this weird? They don't seem to think so...

I never did figure out what the problem was between Alex and Warren. Perhaps it was built-up rage over being the forgotten children in a Legacy family. Warren generally dominated these fights. Alex dresses tough but he's pretty much a sissy. Don't worry, Alex, the military will make a man of you!

Violet grew into a cute kid. Here she admits to feelings for Alex's best friend, much to the consternation of her parents and sister.

Violet as a teen, sharing a secret with her dad Leo, who aged into a very sciency-looking guy.

Violet, post-makeover, is making me wonder if I picked the right person to be the heir, despite her stats.

The women of the Peter House: Valerie, Violet, and Olivia.

The day that Alex and Valerie became adults, Alex abruptly announced that he was getting the heck out of there and called a cab. Nobody was very sad about his departure - the elders were desperately trying to reach the tops of their careers, and Valerie and Violet were fighting tooth and nail (well, not really) for the Heiress position.

Alex, post-makeover, settles into his new hovel, er, house downtown. He picked out that couch all by himself.

On to Generation 6!