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Last updated:  26 February 2006

The Brokaw Family Tree

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Generation 6, in the Peter House:
Ryan, Edgar, Ashley and Leona

When we last saw the Peter House, Alex had just moved out and Valerie and Violet were each hoping to be the heir. Valerie had stats on her side, but Violet had the looks. What to do?  It depends:  how shallow am I?

Since Valerie was much older, she got first crack at the local men.  Unfortunately, she didn't feel even a tiny spark of interest in any of the men she already knew, except Daniel Pleasant, and I really did not want my family mixed up in *their* little soap opera.  And then one day, the blue-eyed, blond-haired gardener came over.  Her father being a former gardener, perhaps she had a predisposition for grubby men in hats...who knows?  In any case, Brian Stompel won her heart in no time at all.

First date - awwww!  Brian has a major sweet tooth and orders Baked Alaska for dinner.  Perhaps this explains the paunch he develops later on.

Valerie has just asked the father of her baby to move in with her.  The new gardener looks wary.  Run, new gardener!  Run while you can!

Brian is actually pretty cute, with an interesting nose.

Brian Stompel Brokaw:
Fortune aspiration; LTW Business Tycoon; business career
Neatness 5
Outgoing 6
Active 5
Playful 3
Nice 6
Total:  25

Valerie decides to make things more official.  Brian turned out to be Superdad and Superhusband, reaching the top of the business career in record time and helping four children with their homework.  Go Brian!

Meanwhile, Olivia's time to go finally came.  She left behind many crying relatives and a platinum tombstone, having *just* become a Mad Scientist earlier that day.  Phew!

Olivia thinks of this as just another promotion.

Leo has his own run-in with the Reaper while attempting to fix the trash compactor.  Daughter Valerie supplicates; Violet waits impatiently for access to the fridge.  The Reaper's cold, dead heart is warmed by the sight of a hot young woman in a tiger-striped bikini on her knees, and he relents.  Leo lives to fix (or not fix) many other appliances.

Valerie and Brian popped out two kids, Ryan and Edgar, who had identical stats and coloring, though very different aspirations.  I was hoping for more variety in my Heir-pool.  Oh well!

Ryan looks very much like both parents - dad's blue eyes, mom's brown hair.

Ryan Brokaw:
Knowledge aspiration; LTW Mad Scientist; science career
Neatness 5
Outgoing 9
Active 5
Playful 3
Nice 9
Total:  31

Edgar Brokaw:
Popularity aspiration; LTW Hall of Famer; politics career
Neatness 5
Outgoing 9
Active 5
Playful 3
Nice 9
Total:  31

ANOTHER athlete, ANOTHER scientist.  Yawn.

Since Ryan and Edgar were an awful lot alike, it was up to Violet to provide some other heir choices.  Unfortunately, she too was unimpressed with the local men.  She shelled out the full 5,000 simoleons to find her perfect, ideal man...

"I'm so excited!  Who will my Dream Man be?!"

"Mitch Wolosenko?!  You have got to be kidding me.  Didn't my cousin Abigail used to sleep with you?"

So much for Dream Men.  Mitch and Violet didn't even get along, despite many lightning bolts of attraction.  Luckily, Violet met some new guys downtown, including a certain very attractive Ash Pai.  They fell in love, and he was totally okay with her request that he knock her up but not move in.  And before too long... oh dear...

More twins!!  And, look, they have the Psychedelic Head glitch.  Fun!  Violet named the first one Ashley for their dad, and the second Leona for Violet's dad, who passed away (fully platinum, thank you very much) earlier that same day.  What about Tyler?  Yeah, he died at some point, too.  It's so hard to keep track.  I'm sure it was very sad, or something.

Violet hefts a baby, while nephew Ryan looks a little creeped out and wonders if they glow in the dark.  I rolled back to an older video driver shortly afterwards, and hopefully this won't happen anymore!

Ashley Brokaw:
Pleasure aspiration; LTW Celebrity Chef
Neatness 3
Outgoing 2
Active 10
Playful 10
Nice 3
Total:  28

Leona Brokaw:
Romance aspiration; LTW Celebrity Chef
Neatness 10
Outgoing 7
Active 4
Playful 8
Nice 5
Total:  34

34!  Leona is clearly a wonder-woman in the making.  I had my fingers crossed that she'd be cute, because she (and thus Violet) would likely be Heiress.  Sorry, boys.

Raising twins generally sucks.  I decided to devote all my attention to Leona, while Ashley played in the toilet and wet herself.  Despite chronic neglect, Ashley turned out to be the cuter of the two, but hopefully Leona will grow into her features.  Both girls have dad's black hair and blue eyes, but very different skin tones.

Leona (left) and Ashley share a hug moments after reaching childhood.

Violet tends to her other babies.

A family dinner - Brian, Edgar, Violet, Ryan, and Leona.  Ryan tells the family lore about great-...-great grandfather Tom, who was an astronaut.  (Violet sure spends a lot of time in her bikini!)

Ryan has just turned into an adult and really wants his father to pay attention to him.  Brian however is fascinated by the extremely lewd gesture Ash Pai appears to be making.  (Ryan got a new outfit soon after.  Hot pink sweater!  Ugh!)

While the twins were still in their childhood, tragedy struck: Violet was electrocuted while trying to fix the dishwasher.  Edgar pleaded with the Reaper but no dice, and my darling Heiress was taken away from me and her kids far too young.  The children were distraught, being effectively orphans (Ash comes around from time to time but refuses to get more involved).  And, just to round out their misery, Violet ended up as one scary-looking ghost:

Luckily, Leona has her Tristan posters to comfort her.  ;)

Unlike most of my elder women, I actually liked the way Valerie looked as an elder.

Valerie and Brian committed to raising Violet's kids along with their own boys.  Val quit her athlete job, though, because it just wasn't as fulfilling as she'd hoped it would be.  She instead became a Criminal, with nice short hours and easy work picking pockets downtown.  No lifetime platinum for her, but she was happier that way, and painted during every spare moment.

The moment we were waiting for:  Leona, the chosen Heiress, becomes a teenager.  After a makeover, she turned out to have very interesting features and I think she'll make a lovely adult.  She rolled Romance, LTW Celebrity Chef - the same LTW as her sister.

Twins Ashley and Leona.  Ashley looks totally different from her sister, and is much cuter, but I am a stats-snob and Leona remains Heir.

Leona demonstrates her genetic tendency to attract gardeners...

...and Aunt Valerie helps her cause by lending an interested ear as Kacper describes Leona's many virtues.

Ryan (l) and Edgar (r), insist that they really don't look *that* alike.  For the first few stages of Edgar's new politics career, they share a carpool, and Ryan doesn't even mind that they are using the Crapmobile instead of the fine Sim-Lincoln that advanced scientists drive.

Brian demonstrates the skills that won him the Most Efficient Parent award six years in a row!

Edgar becomes hopelessly attracted to Mary-Sue Pleasant and dances with her out by the trash can for hours.

Leona falls hard for Tosha Go and spends the last of her teen days making out on the couch.

They slow-danced on their first date.  Jeff Langerak watches the girl-on-girl action and thinks, "Wow, and I thought *Tosha* was pale!"

So finally it was time for the twins to age up and get their grown-up makeovers.  I had my fingers crossed re: Leona's rather long chin...

First, Ashley, who is as gorgeous as I expected.  The blue hair matches her eyes nicely.

And now, Leona, whose cheeks and chin became more pronounced as an adult but I think she's very interesting-looking.  Took a while to find a hairstyle that suited her and did not make her look like a horse.

Leona rushed right out to tell Kacper the good news that she's finally legal.  The first date went well...

...*very* well.

And somewhere in here, Valerie went with the Reaper after painting about a thousand masterpieces and raising four kids.  No platinum for her, but she had a good life.

And here is Kacper Hamilton, post-makeover.  And he cooks!  Hands off, ladies, he's mine!

Ashley chats up Calvin Scott, the father of Trixie Brokaw's Baby #3.  This doesn't really bother Ashley, until...

Ashley asks Calvin what he wants, and he announces to the world (well, to the Crypt O' Night Club) his desire to marry Trixie.  This tends to put a damper on a date, and things went downhill from here.