The Brokaw Family Legacy, page 5
Last updated:  8 April 2006

The Brokaw Family Tree

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Generation 7, in the Paula House:
Samuel, Connie, and Vincent

After Trixie's mom died, Trixie no longer had a good female role model in her life and began to get a little wild.  She carried on simultaneous baby-producing affairs with Daniel Pleasant, downtownie DJ Connor Wilsonoff, and downtownie Calvin Scott, resulting in a nice variety of potential heir material, none of which Trixie had much interest in caring for.  Dexter to the rescue!!  Daniel is the love of Trixie's life, but she's not marrying him - the baggage he carries is legendary.  She has no lightning bolts for Connor despite multiple woo-hoos, but maybe Calvin will turn out to be marriageable...

Trixie holding Samuel, Daniel Pleasant's red-haired, blue-eyed love child; Connie is in the oven, so to speak.

Samuel Brokaw:
Neatness 6
Outgoing 9
Active 6
Playful 4
Nice 5
Total:  30

Connie has black hair and blue eyes, and Connor's unfortunate nose, and shows a lot of promise.

Connie Brokaw:
Neatness 8
Outgoing 9
Active 6
Playful 1
Nice 3
Total:  27

Vincent Brokaw:
Neatness 4
Outgoing 9
Active 8
Playful 3
Nice 3
Total:  27

Vincent has Calvin's brown hair and green eyes, and at least as a toddler was underwhelming in the looks department.

Martin amuses Vincent with his long, pointy nose

Samuel grows up into a fairly unattractive and overweight teen.  Hrm.

Trixie talked to Leona, her distant cousin, and learned that Calvin wanted to marry Trixie.  Trixie immediately invited him over but it seems that all he really wants is to woo-hoo and then leave.  He's not that nice, and Trixie wasn't sure she wanted to tie herself to him just because of Vincent.  So, for now Trixie remains the single mother of three, not that she does any of the actual child-raising herself.  That's what Dexter is for.

But, oh dear...

It's okay, though - Dexter spent his last afternoon on earth woo-hooing a hot blond who is one fourth his age.  We should all be so lucky.

Moving right along...

Just a shot of the kitchen makeover, and Trixie actually doing some work for a change.

Connie floats like a butterfly and lands like a brick

Connie and her dad, Conner Wilsonoff

The family got some new living room furniture and decided to invest in a karaoke machine, for amusement at parties and such. (They sold the swing because visitors wouldn't talk or eat, just swing all night!)  The karaoke machine was a big hit...

Martin:  "How YOU doin'?".  The family put Samuel on a diet and gave him some new hair and clothes - much better, but he's still no Don Lothario.

Leona and Trixie in a duet of "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart".

Vincent grew up to be a snub-nosed kid with overly large eyes.  He looks much like his father.

Trixie's three kids:  Connie, Samuel, and Vincent (under the watchful eyes of Harrison, Jill, and Dexter)

Connie grows up into a totally cute teen - and rolls Knowledge (yay!).

Connie feels like she's being watched.

"You're not doing anything with those skill points; give me some!!!"

Vincent reaches his teen years.  I still think he looks vaguely like a monkey but so far the neighborhood girls disagree with me.

Connie grows up pretty and very smart and in need of a boyfriend.

Martin, the criminal mastermind.  The glasses kind of ruin the effect but it's tough to be all evil and stuff when you can't see.

A grown-up Vincent hits on the maid, while Mary-Sue plots a newspaper theft.

Samuel's evening with fiancee Brittany Butler is rudely interrupted by a visit from Abigail.  The next day, Samuel attempted to marry Brittany, but she would have none of it.  It sort of put a damper on the wedding party.  Luckily...

Samuel hit it off really well with his coworker Arcadia Platz.  She pokes her finger into his eye affectionately.  It must be love!

Connie met Andrew Bradshaw downtown and they really hit it off.

Part of an occasional series of "hidden camera" photos:  Connie prepares to make dinner.

Another "hidden camera" shot:  Trixie and Meadow splash each other in the hot tub.

And another!

Andrew moved in and got the requisite makeover.  He's a total sweetie.

Connie and Andrew's wedding day

The wedding dinner, and the gang's all (mostly) here:  Samuel and Arcadia, Connie and Andrew, Vincent and Lucy.  Trixie is sleeping... she won't survive the night.  Oh well; we needed the space anyway.