I Love Greyhounds

Erte - Symphony in Black, courtesy of the Adopt-a-Greyhound.org website
Greyhounds are such wonderful pets, sweet and silly and lovable! Greyhounds have been bred since the earliest days of civilization as hunting and racing dogs, but the modern racing industry's treatment of these wonderful animals has been somewhat less than civilized. Thousands of puppies and adults are put to death each year for purely economic reasons; the dogs are overbred, the fastest survive, and the rest are expendable. Statistics place the number killed each year somewhere between 3,000 and 12,000, depending on who you ask. To be fair, most tracks do make some effort to adopt out the retired dogs, but running an adoption agency costs money and not every track or dog owner is willing to pay. There are currently around 240 organizations in this country that "rescue" greyhounds from tracks and breeders, and arrange to find good homes for them.  Here are a few links about greyhounds:

A comic strip starring the king of couch potatoes, Spud.
Absolutely hilarious, beautifully drawn, and eerily accurate. Has the artist been spying on me?!

American Greyhound Council
Includes the National Greyhound Assocation and the Greyhound Hall of Fame

AGC Statistics
Whelping and adoption numbers. Where are all the extra dogs going?

Where do you think?

The Greyhound Project's Adopt-a-Greyhound Page

Midwest Greyhound Adoption
Where we got our second greyhound. They do great work, and
we look forward to the reunion every September.

Northcoast Greyhound Support
Adoption agency in California.
Fun page, lots of greyhound-themed goodies to buy!
For a good time, look at the monkey pics.

The Greyhound Gang
Adoption agency in southern Utah. Auctions, pictures,
and an inspirational story that will make you want to become a better person.

Find your ex-racer's record and littermates!

Greyhound Data
Another place to search for your greyhound's history, including pedigree!

Greyhounds in Art
 Part of The Greyhound Project's website.
Lots of pictures of greyhounds in works of art throughout history.

And, of course, Jazz's Page and Libby's Page

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